Итоги соревнований

UBN Report Station UA2F, Worked All Germany Contest

Dear Contester:

This is the log checking report based on our automatted and manual screening. "UBN" stands for uniques, bad calls, NILS (= not in log).

Please be aware that we are trying to be as fair as possible. We did remove QSOs only when we had proof or a strong indication of an error. If any doubt remained, we left the QSO in question intact. Please note that we do not apply penalties for NILs and other errors, so you only lose the QSO  hich we think is in error.

For this contest, we used a database containing 478,593 QSOs created by 1860 different entrants who submitted a log. A total of 7,123 callsigns is estimated to have been on the air in this contest.

411,550 of all contacts could be cross-checked directly log to log. 64,671 of the contacts could be verified indirectly by tracking active callsigns in the database that have not submitted a log.

The remaining 2,372 callsigns represent 'uniques', appearing only in one log, but are left in the database. QSOs with such unqiues in your log will be listed in this report but are left in the log and therefore count for your score.

What did we do with your log?

(a) We ran your log through the evaluation software "as it is". This  creates the raw score which was published after the deadline.
(b) Using different methods, we looked for erroneous QSOs in your log (in most logs we find something).
(c) Now all erroneous QSOs were removed. What's left is again run through the evaluation. This creates the final result.

This report is divided into following sections.

1. Your claimed score as per summary sheet


2. Your raw score as calculated after removing duplicate contacts before log checking took place:

           Band     QSOs    Pts  Mul
           160m        0      0    0
            80m      163    489   25
            40m      250    750   25
            20m      110    330   24
            15m       62    186   23
            10m        0      0    0
           Summe     585   1755   97 ==>   170235

3. Errors, removed from your log

3a) Wrong callsign ("bad call") or miscopied received DOK / serial number. The number on the left side of the != sign is what you had in your log, the number on the right is what's in the other station's log. In case of a miscopied call the first call in the line is what is in your log, the second call is the correct call of the station you have worked in this QSO.

    UTC  Band/Mode QSO Callsign           Call/Exchange
    1652z:  40 S #  47 DK6AH          A26  != A24
    1657z:  40 S #  53 DD2TC          A19  != A18
    1852z:  80 S # 146 DL0GH          F07  != 70F0
    1916z:  80 C # 156 DL1ROT         Y07  != Y17
    2002z:  80 S # 195 DK9YL          Q05  DK2YL
    2011z:  80 S # 197 DL4RCI         U14  DL4RCE
    2046z:  80 C # 227 DL0MY          F39  DJ0MY
    2129z:  80 C # 266 DL0EH          70EO != 70E0
    2147z:  80 S # 279 DO7CU          L16  DO7RU
    2151z:  80 S # 289 DL1PJO         S64  DL1JGO
    1249z:  20 C # 368 DL3HXS         W21  != W22
    1259z:  20 C # 385 DG7EE          S44  != S54
    1350z:  15 C # 466 DP5M           I38  DP4M
    1355z:  15 C # 473 DO8VA          G17  DO8WA
    1413z:  40 C # 481 DL0GH          F07  != 70F0
    1452z:  40 S # 565 DH1WY          Q05  DH1VY
    1456z:  40 S # 580 DJ1FU          A29  DJ9FU
    Lost: 17

3b) Unverifyable QSOs (Not in log (NIL) or wrong band/mode, proven cases of miscopied exchange/DOK from stations not having submitted a log and QSOs deleted for other reasons like e.g. with not issued calls or contacts in the contestfree segments), removed from your log:

    UTC  Band/mode QSO Callsign            Reason
    1627z:  40 S #  40 DL8ALH         T05  not in log 
    2053z:  80 C # 235 DL2YDS         N16  not in log 
    Lost: 2

3c) QSOs found in violation of the 10 minute QSY rule in effect for the Multi OP category:

    UTC    Call      QSO  tx       rx          Band
    Lost: -NONE-

3d) QSOs removed due to other reasons

    UTC    Call      QSO                       Band
    Lost: -NONE-

3e) Duplicate contacts (removed) or contacts you asked us to remove (QSO marked with * is a dupe but contains additional error):

    UTC  Band/mode QSO Callsign            Reason
    1951z:  80 S # 190 DO4CCC         B26 duplicate contact
    2045z:  80 C # 225 DR5X           M11 duplicate contact

4. Your final score after log checking applied:

           Band     QSOs    Pts  Mul
           160m        0      0    0
            80m      154    462   24
            40m      244    732   25
            20m      108    324   24
            15m       60    180   22
            10m        0      0    0
           Summe     566   1698   95 ==>   161310

   The score reduction in percent is: -5.24%

   Lost Mults:
   15m I
   80m U

5. For your information:

5a) List of Unique calls left in your log:

    UTC  Band/mode QSO Callsign

5b) List of QSOs where your callsign was copied wrong by the other station (QSO removed only in his log):

    UTC  Band/Mode QSO Callsign           Copied you as...
    1505z:  40 S #   9 DL7UXD/P       D25 4A2T
    1945z:  80 S # 188 DM5SB          S50 UA3F
    2150z:  80 S # 287 DL0LN          N29 UA2G
    1325z:  20 S # 414 DM3ZF          Y28 UA6F
    1333z:  15 C # 424 DL1DXA         S07 UT2F
    1448z:  40 S # 551 DL0GSH         70O UA2Z

We hope that you appreciate this report. If you have any comments or questions, please write to wag-info@dxhf.darc.de. Please excuse that due to the international character of the DARC Contests this report is available in English only.

We hope to see you again in the next DARC Contest.

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